Bosch JFU4 Distributor fitted to 2200TC

I was really astonished not to find a Lucas distributor in the car. Referring to the numbers it could be Volvo origin. (the car was delivered to Sweden) It has also an electronic conversion. The amplifier is a blue box. I can’t find any information on the box, rotor or distributor cap. Bosch Classic does not know the conversion. Any ideas? Thanks


In the mid-1970s British Leyland sometimes used alternative suppliers when the usual ones were on strike. Minis and Allegros were sometimes fitted with Ducellier distributors, for example, although that was perhaps more likely to happen with the cars that were assembled in the Seneffe plant in Belgium, some of which were sold in the UK. Is it possible that Solihull sourced Bosch distributors, having found one with the right advance curve, when the supply of Lucas ones was interrupted? Unlikely, but it's a thought.


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I worked at Longbridge, just finished my Apprenticeship in the early 1970's , and many items were dual sourced for such occurrences . There were a load of Mini's fitted with Cibie Headlamps due to Lucas being on strike , so its quite conceivable that Rover would do the same with distributers, although I have not seen a Bosch one before. No wonder we never really made any money!
That is an interesting aspect. I have also found an engraving on the housing which I unfortunately cannot read. To me, it looks like a special conversion. I am related to classic British cars since 1979, I have visited many car shows and various autojumbles. But I have also never seen such electronic ignition system with the special rotor and the blue box.
At the moment, I think the best way is to convert it back to the original Lucas distributor for the late 2200TC.
Thanks for your ideas.


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FWIW I would recommend some sort of HE ignition for the 4 cyl. Many years ago in the early days of CDI kits I put one on my TC and it transformed it - much better starts, more flexible, better economy. IIRC gap went out to .040" or more. Some of the Bosch systems were HE - as on the 928, which carries a warning about getting zapped.
Writing from Sweden, I could put the question on our Facebook group. If you know which the Swedish registration number was it would faciliate the search. Really interesting mystery!
Hi, thank you very much for your offer. I went through the old documents, but I could not find anything about the Swedish registration. I only know that the car went from Sweden to Hamburg about 11 years ago. I have contacted the last owner but received no answer.
It is really a mystery, but also professional work.


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I don't think I've posted in this thread so far, but I was sure I'd seen Bosch distributors fitted, and looking I my box of dizzies I've just found one.
At last, I thought this conversion was unique. Therefore I had a 2000TC distributor converted and overhauled to 2200TC specification. And just ordered a new electronic ignition. Thank you very much for digging in your box of dizzies and the information that it is not the only Bosch one fitted to my P6.