Phil Robson

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A picture of myself & BOP taken 2 years ago. Neither of us look quite as youthful now.... :LOL:

One of these days I'll get round to getting this car back on the road. It was actually a bit of a 'dog' when the picture was taken, but still went like stink! :p

I have collected most of the bits for its restoration - especially better carpets & interior plus some panels. Mechanically it is a little worn, although I have rebuilt the brake system (the rears didn't work at all when I drove it home, despite having a recent MOT!).

The engine has done 143,000 miles & leaks a bit, but is turbine-smooth & pulls really well, so I'm loathe to rebuild it before I have to.



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I'm with you on the engine Phil. Lucky only has 50k on the clock, but those low miles mean that he leaks like a sieve - seals like usage to stay supple. As a result the engine bay looks dreadful. But functions to perfection. And that's the way I like it. A perfect antidote to all the trailer queens and concours engine bays you so often see at shows, which when started up to go home reveal their true state with ticking cams etc etc. I'd much rather people walked by on the other side and then I blow them into the verges on the way out!

Takes all sorts.....

And I do secretly admire those spotless engine bays.....