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55 is the horn switch.
The connector block with your finger on it looks to be the one to the right of item 56 on the drawing with four purple wires. It looks like you need to get nearer the horns to find the bullet connector where the wires split L & R. Or work back from the horns to the first connector.


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I just looked at mine, mainly to see if the car was still there :rolleyes:
The wires from the tooters go into the loom each side and up to the firewall, so no luck there.
The only thing I could suggest if you cannot find them at the dash end is to run a wire across the valance from the working to the non working horn.
And check out the earth on the non worker.

Phil Robson

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Thank-you gents for your help.

hmmm, I am presuming that connector isn't the one on your wiring diagram.
I don't have the wiring diagram for your car, so is 55 the horn switch?
55 is indeed the horn switch. I'm also pretty sure that the connector is the one between the switch & the horns - there are several other pin & socket connectors combined in that plug. However, two purple/black wires come out of the pin side & disappear into each side's loom, so it looks right.

And check out the earth on the non worker.
I checked the earth & it wasn't working, so problem solved! Just to clarify though, I've put an earth from the horn to the sidelight earth (via a bullet connector) which seems to be OK. Am I doing anything wrong here, such as overloading something?

A full-blown 2-tone horn is another of those details that makes the P6 experience what it is ;)

Phil Robson

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BOP has packed in twice recently, due to the pivot pin in the fuel pump having worked its way out:


This means that the actuating finger is disconnected from the cam lever resulting in no fuel :confused:. This pump doesn't seem to have any end plugs to stop the pin coming out, so after the second failure I've crimped the open ends a degree so that this shouldn't happen again.

Whilst I was at it, I replaced the diaphragm & seals but have not changed the valves as the ones in the kit are rather small:


Is this an 'S' thing, or for another reason? Is my pump from a different version of the engine? :hmm:


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My pump did the same thing, but left the little cup on the side of the pump, to show that it had been there. Much swearing...this failure to proceed led to the blood nose she got while on a flatbed. While I was waiting for the insurance people to pick it up from home I plumbed in a Huco 133010 and tested that it ran.

Phil Robson

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On another matter; I've sourced most of the parts required to put Power Steering on BOP from another P6. The main part I now need is the bracket that attaches the pump at the front of the engine.

Does anyone have one kicking about they would sell me, please? This is the part per the parts catalogue:


This is probably a better view - of the one I fitted to 'Hazel':


Any help would be gratefully received :)

Phil Robson

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I have managed to get hold of a spare bracket from someone else's car & will get one made up as closely as possible:


Before I do, does anyone recognise it as that spare part they've had under their bench for 10 years not knowing what it was? It would be good to hear from you! ;)

I had BOP out the other day; no rain for weeks until then :rolleyes:


Phil Robson

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BOP has been running around a bit over the last few months without much fuss:


It's still not quite a smooth as I think it should be & I've been meaning to give it a good service for a while (especially the carbs). However, a few days ago it started running roughly as if not firing on all cylinders, & I quickly diagnosed the same problem that my 2000, OCC had a while ago:


Most peculiar, especially with quite recently replaced distributor cap & leads....:hmm:

Anyway, I fixed that & it ran fine (for a few minutes :rolleyes:) until fuel started coming out of the LHS carb overflow:

IMG_0103.JPG now I've taken the carbs off & am awaiting a service/rebuild kit to come...


At least it's now getting its service :LOL: