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BOP was getting a little bouncy at the back end & this was the culprit:



The other side wasn't great either, so I've replaced both shock absorbers & (of course) the handling has greatly improved...:)

BOP has been used for work recently whilst I've been doing a bit on Hazel. Here it is in the carpark:


But Hazel's back now ;)


I've got to say that, despite the colour I personally think Hazel looks the most "Classic" just because of the lack of vinyl roof & other adornments. I have fond memories in the 70s of the series 2 cars though, more than the earlier cars.

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Another day, another door.....

BOP's rear o/s needed some unusual work:


Yet the inside edge was very good:


You can see the very poor paint actually done (many years ago) by a professional body shop. Out of sight, out of mind probably!


OK I suppose.

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Then the front o/s door:


In very poor condition, plus the inside edge was bad:


After some work on the bottom edge, & after a new lip was welded on:


Again, not perfect but it will look the part once painted (some warm & dry weather please...).

This was without the lip (I can't seem to alter this picture)


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..& finally the door aperture at the back. If you remember a large section was fitted into this car & was Tobacco Leaf. This has now been tidied up & sprayed with my trusty modeller's airbrush, in front of a fan heater!


That's better:


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The driver's door is now finished & just needs a 'proper' spray on the lower door skin when the weather gets better.

I the meantime, using my trusty modeller's airbrush, I have tidied up the door shell which had actually been sprayed many years ago by a local body shop, believe it or not:


Part of the original job is shown above the catch - more 'walnut shell' than 'orange peel' o_O

That's better:


It's this detail that really makes the difference to a car & your experience with it. BOP has always looked like the 'banger' out of our trio, but is now looking perhaps the best :). It just takes time, rather than shed-loads of money.

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That looks grand. Is that just paint, or did you clear coat it ?
It's just paint - I think the photo is a bit hazy!

I also spent a few hours last week changing the dashboard shelf from a very wavy one to a nice & flat one that I'd had for years as a spare. As with a lot of things on this car, it was one of the worst I'd seen :(



In between:




It's another one of those details that makes driving much nicer. Fortunately, I've been collecting spares since 1988 when I can remember seeing 12 P6s in one scrapyard (& ignoring most of the parts on them, of course...).
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BOP's windscreen has always had bad scratches in it, I believe the PO had probably demisted it with a gritty rag at some point. It didn't look too bad until you were driving towards the sun, then you got some interesting colour patterns!

In progress:


I bought a new laminated one form Pilkington (£466 delivered) & fitted it. All went very well until....


Probably tightened the jack leg too much...:eek:

I've now fitted a spare toughened one again, but may change it in due course :rolleyes:


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Ouch! Considering where and how it's cracked, you've over tightened it.

I've never had that happen, but can understand how easy it is..


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Curious that the price is so high. Just now I found a screen on the web at A$225. I had to replace the screen on the 928 for its local MOT, and it was under A$200 fitted, but it was over 10 years ago. Considering the low volume of 928s (65k) and production ended in 95 the price surprised me, and if its Chinese, I have not noticed any imperfections. In the USA 928 screens are up near A$1000.

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BOP has a temporary spare screen in now, but I will get another laminated one in due course.

I took the car out today on a rare trip to see a client - a treat these days ;) - hopefully I'll get out a lot more often again when all this Covid business is over:


It looks like I still need to align the front bumper a bit better!

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The LOW horn on BOP hasn't worked for as long as I can remember. It didn't work on the bench & I've had it apart as noted elsewhere before My P6 isn't very 'horny'!. I've now got another working horn unit, but it still doesn't work on the car (the HIGH is fine).

I've tested the feed at the horn & there's no voltage recorded when the horn stalk is pulled. I've then read the wiring diagram:


The horns (54) both are fed by a Purple/Black wire from the switch, which looks to be this one behind the driver's glovebox:


I then pulled it apart & tried the (working HIGH) horn - nothing. Then reconnected it & it works. However, when I put a meter across the feed contact in the top section (purple/black) there's no voltage!

I'm presumably missing something :hmm:


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hmmm, I am presuming that connector isn't the one on your wiring diagram.

I don't have the wiring diagram for your car, so is 55 the horn switch?

Have a look for the purple/black wire down by the horn that works and see if there is a connector there, which the other one may plug into.