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I notice the glassfibre front Valance has a lot less holes in it than the ones in steel. Cannot that be a a problem for cooling? I Guess you can shear out some more rectangles from it if you need to. Your car looks very clean and must be a joy to work on when you finally has reached this stage!
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BOP's oil pressure gauge stopped working recently. I earthed the transmitter wire (light green on the left) & turned the ignition on. The gauge worked, so I need a new transmitter unless they have an easy fix. I've tried cleaning & tightening the contacts.


I may have a spare somewhere. Does anyone know how they come off?


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Give the oil pressure sensor/sender a few journeys before thinking of replacing. Mine sticks (zero pressure) if I don't use the car frequently. So far it has always jumped into life when I'm not watching.
To me the oil pressure warning light tells me that oil is being pumped; the engine is working. The gauge is an indication to the health of the engine, so if it is not working for a few days that's ok. I'll keep a mental record of the pressure changes over time, but not to worried over missing a reading or two. :cool:
All of that doesn't stop me worrying when the gauge is showing zero pressure at 6000rpm!!! :eek::eek::eek:

To answer your question; how they come off? sorry no I don't.


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There is a hex under the main body of the sender that is for removing/refitting. It's round about 11/16 or 3/4 AF or 3/8"Whit, I can't remember exactly. You may have to bend an OE spanner to get it to fit on with clearance to be able to turn it. Once they're cracked off they will usually screw out by hand.


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You may have more success with a working second hand OEM part than a new one. Mine failed and the new replacement was 'not suitable'
I borrowed a mechanical piped gauge and screwed into the pump in place of the low pressure light switch, then fitted a second hand electrical sender unit and fine tuned by oh so gently teasing the needle to be spot on with the trusted mech gauge.
I do warn you that you need nerves of steel and the skill of a jeweller to do it, as the 'stem' of the needle needs holding with tweezers whilst the pointer is bent sideways.

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I thought I'd start tidying BOP's doors up a few weeks ago, whilst it was sitting there.

Now I have many spare doors, some of which are near perfect, but I'm not (yet...;)) a great sprayer & the weather is cold & damp too, so I reasoned that a tidy up & localised spraying would suffice, especially seeing that the rest of the paint is passable. BOP is an 'everyday' car anyway, so I have to put up with a bit of imperfection here & there! :D

The n/s/r door didn't look that bad:


..but I had to repair quite a lot of it. The inner paint was appalling, too:

IMG_5010.JPG IMG_5011.JPG

I managed to retain most of the outer lip, so made up sections for the inner shell:

IMG_5014.JPG IMG_5015.JPG IMG_5073.JPG

Not perfect, but serviceable for a daily car. I've applied some seam sealer & primer but will wait for a few months to apply the blue when the weather's better. I have fully waxoyled the inside of the door bottom in the meantime.
Hi Phil, I only joined the forum today and was interested to see your car BOP, in the 1970's my parents owned a Tobacco leaf brown 2000 TC reg BOP 68K.
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Hi Darren,

‘BOP’ was a Birmingham number - mine was registered by “Colliers” in Acock’s Green. I believe they’re still there.

Welcome to the forum,