Boot Lid


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If you remove the decker panel you'll be able to see the hinges and the torsion bars that hold the bootlid up to see if anything has come adrift.



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Note the long and short bolts holding the bootlid to the hinge (shown differently side to side here). Get the bolts the wrong way around and you'll put a dimple in the bootlid.
Thanks Harvey will try later on this week. Car passed MoT last Friday no problems and for a change no welding needed !! Think I corresponded with you many many years ago about fitting a new BW35 kickdown cable, still haven't done it, got the gasket though, one day maybe but no big deal to move the selector lever, has significant engine oil leak rear of sump which probably beyond my capabilities so trying seal additive, unlikely to work but worth a try.


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Hello all, found that mine was not really falling on my head, but seemed to be getting lazy. The whole lot is now off the car and I found that where the flat plate part of the hinge with the tapped holes runs against the round bar torsion arm was full of 40+ years of grit, dried-up grease etc. I drew the conclusion that the spring has not lost any of its springiness but all this muck was making the whole lot bind. Given it a really good clean up and re-grease so hopefully should run smoother when I re-fit it all.