Bonnet release on P6 3500

Gosh , how lucky am I , recently whilst attempting to open the bonnet on 'the beast', as I pulled the release handle, the 'T' piece broke away in my hand ! but I was able to complete opening the bonnet by using a pair of mole grips !! BUT , it does raise the question .. how would you open the bonnet if the cable were to break. ? scary thought !
I haven't checked the P6 but on a P4, if you know where to look there's a special hole that you can poke a screwdriver through and flip the catch. Stands to reason that the feature would be carried across later models.
(I only know the above because I bought a long unused P4 last week which had a seized bonnet release cable. This saved me from damaging the bonnet.)

Phil Robson

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I have a cable tie around the release cable’s fixing on the catch, just in case. I can pull this as a last resort if the proper release fails.

Relatively easy to get at on a series 1, but difficult to know where to trail the free end with a plastic grille.