best ever You Tube Videos

ok there have been a fair few P6 videos on You Tube obviously

but last year Sheldon and Basil hit the road in a P Reg Rover 2200 SC that if I remember rightly Sheldon got for £500

his mate Basil was an AA man so what an asset on their various test drives , I started watching the 40 - 50 odd videos that these 2 put together and quite honestly there are brilliant, I hope you didn't miss them
there's a random one

Sheldon gave me permission to cut 10 minute sections (my favourites) from the first 35 I think to upload onto LinkedIn (see other thread on LinkedIN) but I didn't get very far as its blimmen hard work and not many people seem bothered :(


Sheldon and Basil are excellent viewing and I do like Basil's hes one in a million & his stories and the comedy aspect.
Have you seen Rover P6 Project he explains things really well nice guy well worth looking at I think hes got 19 videos now
I am not sure if he uses this forum but I really like his work :)
too right, I told them (on email) to go to the National Meet at Lincolnshire "LUNCH IS ON ME" I said, would be great to see their Rover

Sheldon can you and Basil make it to the P6 Rover National ?? 11thAugust 2019? Lincolnshire
would be amazing to see you and Basil with the KMO682P at the NATIONAL MEETING, love to see that for real, VIDEO YOUR ROAD TRIP up to the show!!

Would be fantastic to see you and would be my pleasure to BUY YOU and Basil LUNCH !! Events

What do you say Sheldon? Can you make it do you think?? Malcolm
would be fabbo to see there
it certainly would. wouldn't it be great if the 3 of them could make it? Sheldon, Basil AND the £500 P6 ? ummm Ban I'm trying to be highly polite about this but I have suspicions that although your posted video above is marvellous and highly terrific , its not either Sheldon or Basil (just shows you how many great P6 project videos there are about though)

ahhh I see you're saying Rover P6 project , ah gotcha now, yeah definitely a little more civilised too :p
I dont wish to recommend any videos I think anyone who makings any videos on the P6 and posts them on website ect no matter what they do if they speak or not speak have a rough car or a clean car or someone who just wants to take part in the P6 world its good to watch in my eyes
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