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Belvoir Castle classic car show 08 Jul 18

Discussion in 'Events & Local Meetings' started by Nigel Edwards, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. Nigel Edwards

    Nigel Edwards Member

    Is anyone going? We are taking our 2200TC, be nice to see any Rovers!
    Best wishes
  2. classicalgreen

    classicalgreen Active Member

    sadly I never take my rover far as it has a bad habit of stopping! so far have replaced or refurbished a much as I can from fuel pump.filters to carbs. added those fuel 'enhancing tablets ' to tank ( actually has made starting practicality first time every time now)
    so only shows I have done is local at Plough corner little clacton ( helps thats its free if you bring an classic/historic car) as this is very near me. though will start venturing father afield as confidence in car grows. ( hopefully) only 5-6 other rovers there as very mixed kettle of fish . nice to see other rovers though especially P6 ones.
    if all goes well over next few months..will try and book the show at whitewebbs museum late in year. cant se point of Enfield pageant as though nice .. the traffic problems are I think beyond my cars cooling expectations. ( not yet fitted electric fan though have gone over to Evans waterless coolant)

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