Beauty is More than Skin Deep

Not a new project but a new extension of an existing one.
A couple of small patches needed on each sill & the boot lip needs some attention at both ends. Apart from that l couldn't see anything else when l went to view her. Full removal of the pretty manky panels will show if l missed anything but if l did then l don't expect it to be much. She turned over today with a small spark but for want of a good battery, she wouldn't fire even with the booster's help.
Even the handbrake gaiter is pretty good & l have the full carpet set too which is not half bad at all & should respond well to a re-dye.









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Well, this is going to be Bruiser Mk2. We did a fair bit of welding on 'B' Mk1 as you may recall:

The Bruiser.

And the D-posts are now showing signs of deterioration too. So when l saw this car on here recently it didn't take long for a seed to germinate in the terracotta flower pot of my mind. A transfer of parts from the much-repaired '69 base unit to this potentially mostly rot-free '68 base unit rather than more welding to the '69, plus the installation of further parts l have for 'Project Bruiser', such as Sundym glass, PAS & the LT77 which this unit, being auto will accept without modification.
I had a word with Harvey who rather than (as l expected him to) dissuading me of the ludicrous idea, was positively luke-warm towards it (which with Harvey counts as enthusiasm), actually dubbed it 'The Bruiser Project' & suggested this was the way to keep it alive. I also talked to the guy at the yard where the car was & to Richard Moon who is halfway to Wales already. He agreed to check the car out & bring it home if it was as good as it looked in the photos but in the end though, due to his workload l finished my Friday night shift (a forty-footer to Tamworth & back to the Essex docks) & immediately set off for Wales in my 75 to have a look for myself. I liked what l saw, checked in with Harvey & did the deal settling on £500. The scrap guy obviously had a transportation facility so suggested that for an extra fee, his man could take it down the M4 for us so l checked in with Richard & we agreed to have it dropped off to him on the Monday. He is also enthusiastic about the project as it's right up his street.
There things stand at present but wheels are in motion now so watch this space.
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Well by my standards & not being one for the aftermarket replacements (as grand as they look in other members cars), this is a very nice original set of carpets. No rotten patches, very few bald spots & an unworn heel mat to boot. Faded in places obviously, it's red but after a proper clean with our new & impressive Bissel portable wet vacuum, perhaps some strategic dye applied by brush would be the way to go.
One missing Furflex strip & one of the small sections at the side of the rear seats. They might be with the car along with the tunnel carpet which is still in place, but l can replace those if not. Very pleased & somewhat surprised that it was all still with the car:

IMG_20200816_114358_0.jpg IMG_20200816_113938_2.jpg
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Richard has started work on the car. There are some areas needing attention of course but on the whole it's looking like we've caught her in time for a decent spruce up without too much work.
The rear decker area was full of old leaves which probably did that damage quite a few years back after she had been put into storage:

Screenshot_20201008-171608_1.png Screenshot_20201008-171621_1.png Screenshot_20201008-171540_1.png Screenshot_20201008-171534_1.png Screenshot_20201008-171645_1.png Screenshot_20201008-171617_1.png Screenshot_20201008-171550_1.png Screenshot_20201008-171559_1.png Screenshot_20201008-171612_1.png Screenshot_20201008-171637_1.png Screenshot_20201008-171633_1.png


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Nice work going on there. I've just gone out and vacuumed under the rear decker panel after looking at those pics! This is the time of year when the leaves get blown in there, rained on, and start their mischievous corrosive magic! One more winter, then it'll be time to have the wings and sill covers back off my car and see how all those concealed areas have either withstood the elements, or more likely succumbed...