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hey guys mth had a flat battery today but it was my fault as i was playing with the light yesterday and didnt run the engine so got her to work and then charge battery up and had it tested and its just alive so what battery are people using and what amps are u using i got the halfords battery 075 with 540 amps was fine just think its had it now lol


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good advice, I never used euro car parts before but tried them after reading the above, sure enough a car battery arrived (on its side!) (thanks DHL!) nevertheless it fitted the back of my car perfectly and even better, the next day, the car started up on the button! chuffed! anyone else decided on a new battery lately?



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If you're looking for recommendations for who to buy from:
I bought a new battery last month from Tayna Batteries (not for the Rover). £12 delivery off-shore.
I had to phone them about something, they answered the phone quickly and were helpful.


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I put a new imported Varta DIN88 in the 928 whilst in Saudi. Dropped a cell inside a month. Warranty ? Not on those imported units,only on the locally made joint venture units. Huh.