Auto gearbox V8 p6

I know Harvey has written a lot about the oil level in the gearbox. My dip stick says "check cold" but I gather that's not correct. The oil level is well above the check cold mark when it is cold. So is the dip stick not the correct one or is this just a British Layland mistake.


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Is this how you're checking the level?

With the transmission at normal working temperature, the engine idling, and the car on level ground, run through the entire selector range allowing a few seconds in each position to allow it to engage, starting and finishing in PARK, then, with the engine still running walk round remove and wipe clean the dipstick and re-insert to take a level. You will have time for a few quick dips to try and get an accurate level. If you add fluid repeat the whole procedure before taking another level. Use only ATF-G or fluid that meets Ford spec. M2C-33G. DON'T use any of the DEXRON type fluids. A small amount of white blackboard chalk rubbed on the bottom of the dipstick, and then wiped off, dries it and makes seeing the level easier.
Thanks Harvey. Why does the dip stick say check cold? I'll run the car up to normal operating temperature and check as you say. I do notice that the dip stick has popped up after a good run, is there a breather I should check?


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If you look in the Factory WM it tells you to check the level in 2 different ways in 2 different sections. There is a breather and if it gets blocked it can pop the dipstick out of the tube. The end of the breather pipe is around the maincase/tailshaft housing joint. Blow through from there to make sure it's clear.
Thanks Harvey
I'll get under and have a look for breather pipe and give it a blow if I can. If it's blocked what do you suggest I do, what would it be blocked with.
Thanks again


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The guy who wrote the W/M and the Owners Instruction Booklet may well have been several guys and may well have been selected for writing skills............... All the engineers knew already and never used the books.............

But seriously....... Rover treated the box as a bought in lump. The manual writing guys read and misunderstood the BW manual..... This sort of thing does happen, but it's unusual for Rover not to have caught it and amended it..........
Hi, took the auto V8 out today, it was reluctant to drive when I engaged drive or reverse. Eventually it moved. It was ok on the 5 mile run but started giving me trouble when reversing into garage, i.e. Reluctant to move. I checked the gearbox level whilst it was hot and still running and to my surprise there was no fluid shown on the dipstick. Ran through all the gears whilst stationary and checked again, no fluid shown.
Just checked it now i.e. 2 hours after using it and the fluid level is well above the "check cold level". I've ordered the correct fluid to top up, and I'll follow Harvey's instructions, however how do I know when I've put in the correct amount. Do I use the mark on the dipstick when the fluid has circulated around the box, gently adding fluid until the level is at the mark when hot.