At Gaydon

Very nice late 3500 in the car park at Gaydon BMHC on the 6th of August.
I was at the SD1 National rally there and spotted it a mile off!
(Overheard quite a few SD1 owners mention they had P6's too!)

Lovely, even down to the correct spec Avon tyres. Looked to be in Zircon blue but could be wrong as it was an R reg.

Anyone's here?..
I've just been to Gaydon, for the AGM. It was great to finally see the T4 Gas turbine car. There was also a nice series 1 2000 on display in the museum as well :D
Wow, well I can vouch that it is very very nice !, I think its just been fully restored and has some very nice alloys. Not sure if I should say, but it belongs to our acting chairman.
£10k!! - You can get a few estates for that in full running order! And only 150 were built.

If I had £10k to spend then - I would expect a fully original car in excellent - nay perfect order, not a restored one (however well restored) Way over the odds for a P6