Anybody interested in any of this lot?


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IMG_20180811_181637.jpg IMG_20180811_181641.jpg IMG_20180811_181647.jpg IMG_20180811_181657.jpg

There are a couple of starters - maybe good for exchange, the relay for the charging circuit, 1 exhaust manifold, an inlet manifold, bonnet insulation holders....


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Hey Rich
Do either of the starters have LUCAS 9M90 25366A stamped on the cases ? if they do I will be interested.

Ta Mark
apart from no prices ? or would look at chance of spare inlet and couple of HIF carbs. ( mine are always playing up despite being refurbed) and postage would be a factor too. probably going to end up on. eBay?


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They're all still in my car boot... Happy to post stuff. Not after mega money... Pm me an offer for anything you're interested in :)