Any information please

Hi all,
I just bought a 1973 Rover 2000TC reg number VTU 735M it's blue and owned by the last owner for 29 years and the owner before that owned it from new. I've not received it yet as it's being shipped from Rugby to me in Newport South Wales. I welcome any comments from anyone who may know the car or maybe remember seeing it at a show or two. Will post a few photos when it arrives.
Regards Terry H
She was on ebay in 2012 (see pictures, sold £1995) and on YouTube -- I don´t have any info about her history etc., sorry


Hi Gareth, What part of Cardiff are you. Got spotted by a police camera as I turned left at the lights on Newport Road onto Rover Way the other week. Cost me £35 (the robing Bas***ds). Got a problem with my P6 at the moment. Will have to rebuild the carbs by the look of it. Can't get it to tick over without the choke.
Regards Terry H


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Hi bud I am in thornhill bottom of caerphilly hill not far from the crematorium yea herd a few people get done on Newport road