Another P2

Owned since finding her complete but unloved and unused and engine seized in Antwerp Belgium, in 1985 where we lived at one time, our 1947 Rover 16 Export P 2 Saloon was renovated and rebuilt by my wife and I between 1985 and 1988. We returned to live in UK in 1990 and drove her here.

With this car we've visited Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium (of course) and Luxembourg. We've attended 11 Rover Lake District Rallies in Cumbria, England Nd still cover between 2000 and 3000 miles annually.

Not a trophy winner or show car just a well loved old Rover....with a full history and plenty of patina, stone chips and a story to tell!



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Marvellous , bloody marvellous
Well done that man
Great adventures , it must have opened a few doors for you ?
At the Inverness BID Classic Vehicle Show. May 10 2014. 6 hours driving - 3 each way- all but last hour in pouring rain, four hours in Inverness all in the rain. Great event. Car wad clean certainly isn't now!


On our way through Glencoe Friday May 23 2014 to the 20th SARR, (which in 1995 at the first SARR our Rover 16 was surprisingly chosen as Car of the Show back then!). We had a great journey to Dunfermline - 229 miles- and within 2 miles of our destination in heavy traffic the clutch operating mechanism disintegrated.....