Another newbie

Well i've just joined the forum too. Don't have a P6 at the moment but will be looking in earnest soon. We used to have one a while ago which is the reason i'm keen on trying to get one again. I wondered if the old one is still about or if its been scrapped or sitting on bricks somewhere?
If I do get another then it would hopefully be a 3500S. I'm considering making a few alterations which I never even thought about before though. I'll scout around the forum a bit first to see what advice is on here before doing anything too hasty, but things under consideration would be possibly a thicker anti roll bar on the front, if I can find one. Are they still available? Not too keen on altering spring rates etc but if I remember there were some slightly stiffer rear springs as an option so that might be a possibility if it helps balance things out. Need to look at gearboxes too, a 5 speed SD1 wasn't an option for me a long time ago but maybe its the way to go. The 3.9 + box is initially less appealing, no logic, just a wish to keep the engine bay pretty much how it would of looked originally but I could be persuaded to reconsider that. Possibly upping the rim size by 1" od & a lower profile tyre keeping the original wheel diameter. But wondering if that might increase transmitted bumpiness in conjunction with the anti roll bar..?...? Maybe, maybe not, once again happy to learn from others experience.
Off to do some reading....


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Welcome aboard. Everything you're considering in the way of upgrades has been done and documented on here already, so all you have to do is search for it.