another Estourer?


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Its been for sale for a while!
The recent extreemely rusty one seen by many,albeit now being repaired will have put a few buyers off!
I went to see this car a couple of days ago, delightful lady was very polite and helpful, the car however, is very rough indeed.

Many of the outer panels have been swapped for yellow ones which seem to be equally as poor as the green ones that came off. Green bonnet and rear near side wing with fill cap remain but are rough. There is not one decent outer panel. Many common P6 base unit rot spots are...rot spots.

Vinyl roof is new, but glued on top of the old one. Interior is a manky smelly shed.

Good things, it just passed an MOT (ahem!), is a manual V8 with PAS and towbar. It is currently being used to tow a 4 wheel trailer to collect scrap cars, so it is a running working car.

I made an offer but it wasn't much and hasn't been accepted.
Dave3066 said:
The ad has now been removed.

Interesting, they wanted £4k, I offered £1k, I can't imagine anyone paid close to £4k although they might have paid more than I offered.

I didn't expect a thing of beauty for £4k, but it was an awful lot worse than I hoped it might be. I'd still have a crack at it at the right price.