Another 2000TC For Sale in the States! $2000

Had some good exposure here selling my red TC so will now try to sell my white one. It too is a 1969 2000TC with 01388 showing on the odometer. I purchased over a year ago from an Alaskan bush pilot who maintained it expertly. It runs well and the engine purrs nicely. It has a small leak coming from the rear of the engine but I have not had to add oil. Brake pedal depresses to floor and then recovers, suggesting a necessary bleed according to original owner. I somehow disconnected the choke when I first got it but will try to reconnect. This was registered in Alaska but driven between airports here in California. Has a nice look in my opinion but it could be argued a paint job would be an enhancement. Interior is worn but presentable; seats covered but have some tears. More photos can be seen on the Federal Rover and
Rover Spares, Cars for Sale, Wanted Facebook pages. Car is located in El Cerrito, California. Thank you IMG_1519.jpg
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Looked it over myself a year ago as it was in an airport in the hills near me. Ask at that time was $3000 which I thought was worth it. Didn't jump as seller wanted a 2nd Rover well used and crammed with parts insisting it had to go with it. Simply didn't have the space for it all. Looks to be a nice driving project for rare and unique classic this side of the pond.
Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate the comment. Jeremey the previous owner mentioned you, I saw that parts car but he had sold it separately. Then a Top Gear type television show made a deposit on the car that took months to fall through. They were to tell the story of the car's backstory as well as the owner, an Alaskan bush pilot. Seems the Angwin Airport is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church and they wouldn't grant permission to film there as they are publicity shy. Jeremey also balked at signing away rights to his story and image as required by the producers. Not the style of someone who had been on the 1972 Landrover Darien Gap Expedition! He told them to get stuffed and sold it to me.
Hard to find those interested in these great cars here but I am hoping the right person will come along to take it over.