Annoying random dog toy like squeak from the OSF inner wing area ...grrrr....


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I have this annoying random squeak coming from my car, OSF inner wing area & sounds like it’s the other side of the bulkhead outside as definitely louder when the window is open & people staring at the car!

It starts & stops when ever its choses to do so, no pattern & sound like a squeaky chewy dog toy & increase’s & decrease’s with the cars speed.

The whole car is fully poly bushed, I posted on various media P6 groups, most said front O/S upper poly bushes being the culprit, I‘ve had them in for 3 yrs & the only noise started 11 months ago, so I changed the OSF upper ones back top new Rubber versions & no change, still squeaking.

So annoying, I’ve ruled out water pump, alternator, power steering pump as this it would squeak as soon as the engine was started. Disconnected the speedo cable form the gearbox & no change. I’ve sprayed various lubricants everywhere to no avail :-$.

So weird, the other day I drove it & its squeaked like mad to begin with then suddenly stopped & didn’t occur for the rest of the 30 mile journey, it was hot day though so not sure if this has an effect or not.

Any suggestions more than welcome, like I said there is no pattern to the squeak , start & stops whenever & its definitely on the outside of the car, sound rotational, I’m even going to look behind the brake disc shield to make sure there is no dog toy stuck in there lol, Oh have used ant squeal on the brake pads as a last resort but no go. Many thanks Damian.
I would suggest as you say it could be polybush related, when it's doing it squirt some wd40 at them to see if that stops it. However, only do one at a time, otherwise you could end up chasing your tail.
Just a thought: Have you ruled out one of your mates using zip ties to attach an actual squeaky dog toy to perhaps a road spring!?!?
I saw a video clip on the web where someone had pranked their pal by fastening a kazoo to either a lower front suspension strut or anti roll bar of their mates car. It got louder the faster they drove! They took it to a mechanic who found the kazoo straight away when they lifted the car and looked underneath.
Try squirting WD40 or similar on 1 possibility at a time and see if the noise changes. eg the arb fixings, ball joints(under the boot) for both suspension and steering, pivot bolts (suspension) etc. If you do them all at once you wont know which one was the problem. Old adage - only change one thing at a time, so you know which one caused a problem.