And now for something completely different


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Another day of beautiful weather here.

Got a large chunk of the chassis work completed today.
New rear section and repair/closing plates welded on. Nice and sturdy at the back now
The 20 tonne jack that had been welded into the upper structure finally came out too, bit of a beast.

C3F48E94-E44F-4698-93C1-5322B01A9E73.jpeg AF26B3C4-FC7A-41F6-A85B-919B1A2871C0.jpeg 32E83A86-4B4E-4888-AFA9-BE39A43F6449.jpeg 1A64529E-D4DF-4557-9C8C-C3DD7E761CDE.jpeg 34F291E3-CE2C-48A0-8506-A464A26C4DA4.jpeg


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I don’t think I’ll update this as frequently as I have been, thought it would be interesting for lockdown reading and it being series Land Rover based, but perhaps more interesting to me doing it :D

Anyway now the chassis is almost ready for paint and the day was threatening rain, we made a start on fabricating some of the replica pieces.

This section weighs probably a third of the original, and that’s accounting for when its sheeted in 1mm steel.
Hugely unnecessary weight for a non structural part.


It’s funny that in remaking fully in steel it will end up lighter overall than it was in mdf form :hmm: