Almond delight


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I know there are pictures of Her on various threads but here are a couple in the right place .
Owned nearly three years now .
I've been through the engine , cam/lifters , timing gears , heads , carbs , fan/controller , etc.
Gearbox (65 Auto) new clutches , bands , seals etc .
Interior , clean and restore leather , recolour , Change side glass for non scratched items .
Re chrome bumper and other bright work .
Rear brake overhaul ( fronts to do next )
Plenty of projects in the pipeline for her :D



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Thanks all .
Oldbloke , the type 65 was standard on the later V8 ( change from the 35 some time in 74 i believe ) I guess basically the same as the jag fitment with detail differences , Harvey would have to confirm ( He PM,d me through the rebuild ) :D
WOW!! That's soo impressive. Looks like it has just come off the production line. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Can't wait to meet up with some you great
folk on here. After a week of nights its like a breath of fresh air. Thank you!! Moon Rover! Kevin Keeping on Rovering.
1973 Rover 2000SC TRR891L Lunar Grey. Sandelwood interior. :wink:


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Your Rover does look very nice Stina. :) I do like a nice clean engine, and yours certainly looks good!

I was going to ask you why your Rover has the early steering wheel, given it is a 1974 model, but then I noticed that you don't have power steering.



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Hi Ron .Since then it now has a rather nice "S" steering wheel ( Cheers Jules :D ) TDH i know it sounds sour grapes as it doesn't have it , but i was looking for one without , i like a classic to be simple , don't like things like air con ( Maybe i'd soon change my mind if i lived where you do ! ) electric windows and the like , something else to leak or break , However a full length webasto would be high on my wish list . When it's rolling i think it's totally unnecessary with good 185 section tires . And when i get old and feeble ( maybe not too far into the future )my mate has 3 or 4 complete set ups laying around i could recon and fit . :D
Its a fine looking car. Credit to you. Some of these rovers are lucky cars . Loved and cared for .
Still the best classic car to be had. I also love the almond.