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I had the very great pleasure to meet and spend time with Alec Poole last night at a local car club meet.
Alec was the custodian of JXC 808D in the 1970's, oh as well as doing rather good work in a few Mini's.
So of course I took the Rover along and he was very kind and spent a long time chatting and I asked him if he would scribble on the car with a marker pen, having done one side I asked if he would do the other as the car would be unbalanced otherwise - he did, but told me I was full of .............

So he gave a great talk on his life in Racing and some of the antics involved, some of it is repeatable !

The Irish Racing Drivers Club was interesting to hear about, to qualify to be invited to join back in the day you had to have....... circumnavigated the M25 in less than 1 hour, gone at over 100mph through one of the tunnels, I cant remember which, been hospitalised at least once in a racing accident, been hauled before the Stewards for a bollocking on at least 3 occasions, and something else involving the fairer sex. I think however you could trade one of the other criteria for more hospital stay's !
Apparently the existing members take great pleasure in watching potential applicants go through the application process only to tell them.... nah you can't come in !

He also recounted one time when a whole group of lads went racing abroad and all but 2 of them decided to stay in the local Bordello, of course our hero stayed in the Hotel next door with his mate.
On checking out after a week he was disgusted to find out that the bill for each of the lads next door was cheaper than his own !

So anyway Alec is now involved with a Company called Vitesse which supply Mazda MX5 gearbox conversion kits for Morgans and MGB's and convert MGB's to V8's.
In chatting he was keen to be offering a kit to suit Rover p5B and p6B and his suggestion was that if anyone was interested in a kit then if they wanted to leave their car at Vitesse, perhaps in the winter period to allow them to measure and fabricate mounts etc then in return he would offer a discount on a purchase.
This does present mind boggling possibilities, especially if a six speeder is an option ?

So if interested contact Alec here .... Vitesse Global LTD - Automotive Supplier & Discount MG Rover Parts