After 20 years a P6 again finally a V8 automatic. With work that is.....

finally the box installed and the rover is running again. Some fiddling with the kickdowncable was necessairy but she runs good now! I also changed the tatty interior for a second hand series 1 interior!
The update is late because we moved to our new house with a lot of work!!

I have a question though how do I know the kickdowncable is not too loose so that the box is slipping? I want to avoid that because the box will wear out and will overheat quickly.....

some pictures now:

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i have been able to purchase 4 magnum 500 wheels with suitable hubs! The puzzled me but the seem to be Rover hubs altered by american dealers to fit the magnum500 wheel. The studs are thicker, smaller and in a 4,5"pattern.