After 20 years a P6 again finally a V8 automatic. With work that is.....


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today I went to the Junkyard where I know there is a P6. I have collected seatbelts (front and rear), an antenna, the dashboard ( without tacho ,was already gone)the switchtpanel two horns . The horns work and the clock also works!!!
In the evening I bolted the seatbelt into plasce from the driver side.
Most have been done now for the APK I guess........


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hmmm NO creamcakes yet.....NO pass....... three things:

frontbrake leaked a little fluid. : I tightened it some more and ready!
Leakage of fuel : at the bottom there is trhe fuel line is splittet just beneath the fueltank. Ther is a little hose atached and it was plugged with a bolt. Thee it leaked a bit. I replaced the bolt with one that has a part with no threads and I put a hioseclamp on it: solved.

third: difference in breaks rear when appling the handbrake 57% difference. I think it is because the brakes are brandnew and have to be dialed in a bit by usage. I dorve bakck and appplied the handbrakes coup[le of times. I hope it is better now. I do not know a way to adjest them is there a way? I thought they were selfadjusting.....

made an appointment for friday .......


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yesterday i exchanged the licenseplate holder for one without visable rust. Seemed an easy job which it actually was but a littlebit tricky because the licenceplate covers the bolts that attch the licenseplateholder to the bootlid. But now I have a nice chrome licenseplateholder and bootlidhandle.

today i exchanged the reardoorframe because the little triangular window was loose. the bolts that hold the opening mechanism were sheared of the frame. A friend of mine had a nice frame and I exchanged it today.



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My goodness......what fun a dual brakesystem is!

today I wanted to bleed my brakes because the brakes were "ok-ish" but for a firm brake I had to brake twice. But what an awkward system!!! Air seems to get in somewhere but I can not find out where!!

took the master cilinder apart again. All was good. Took the brake servo apart. No brakefluid inside and woirked properly..... Took the "pressure failure switch" apart and on top of al the problems let the brakefluid reservoir get dry so more air was sucked in.......

well real nightmare en I have no brakes left anymore......

This week I will try using an easy bleed to make progress....

Any tips for bleeding a dual system?
i would start with the wheel which has the biggest distance to the master cilinder. Dual brake system should not be more difficult to bleed with an easy bleed system. If you use a spare tyre. first reduce tyre pressure to 1 bar because you do not need more.
Good luck



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Well unfurtunately the easybleed didn't work. I couldn't get the lid airtight. Used a lot of ducktape but still the brakefluid kept pouring out.

But brake is little better than nothing now. I also put a little screwdriver in the pressure failureswitch. I read on this forum that that was neccessairy...

have to find a better system! proably a system that suck the fluid rather than pushes it through.....
When you're doing it with two people, it's managable without any fancy goodies. But the rear brakes still are a pain in the a$$... I start with the left rear one, after that the right rear one. On the front it doesn't really matter I think.


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Thijs are you sure?? I only have one bleednipple for both rear callipers as far as I know.........

Now I ordered a speedbleeder for the rear and a vacuumbleeder operated bij handsqueezing......


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I am pretty sure it has to be only one.
Today I managed to get some more air out with my new toy:

el cheapo but worked rather well.
Brake is acceptable now. Not rock solid yet but safe enough to drive.