After 20 years a P6 again finally a V8 automatic. With work that is.....


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20 years ago I bought a 2200TC in Delft the Netherlands. It was in reasonablke state but i had stand under a traintracks so it had metal pimples all over the body....

I took the car apart and painted it from mexico brown to a jaguar racing green. It was a hell of a job and then this was our only car and ad two little kids.
This was looking afterwards not a really good idea. I was tinkering a lot with it, it really was my hobby to keep the thing running. I spent a lot of time with it which my wife didn't like at the time. She was right though i should have spent more time at the famile and the house and...and.... But anyways it was not reliable enough for us as the only car so with pain in my heart I sold it then.
A bunch of Volvo's follewed and my hobby became restoring motorbikes. These take less space to restore.
But a few weeks ago I turned 50 and my wife gave me as a present A Rover P6B automatic. It was a total surprise for me. She knew I still loved the Rover in all these yaers and that my favaorite engine was the V8. So she bought one in not a perfect shape but in a project shape. It was Red with black vinyl Roof .

Off course it needed some welding right away in the boot at the upperlink bar. It has a ithink SD1 motor fitted and bad black interior. An old friend of mine is doing the welding for me. He is well known in the Netherlands in the P6 scene: Jaap Weidema.
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This thread is nothing without photo's:

The day my wife gave it to me

a few days later i picked it up with a trailer:

straight to my friend Jaap who did siome welding:



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With the rear topling repaired the underside was looked at....... rusty indeed:

getting the bushes out:

and some luck:
spax loadadjusters were fitted:

a high corner on the rear is repaired with minor welding:

and the axles dionelbows etc were brought to be sandblasted. They returned and are sprayed in 2k paint:

sadly the rearbrakes are to far gone and the fron brakes need new pistons



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Don't throw anything away from the rear brakes, they will rebuild. The castings can be sleeved, hydraulic pistons are available, all seals are available, the large pistons only glide in an O ring and can be cleaned up and re used or re chromed. I am re building a pair at the moment that were in a hideous state.


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Here some more pictures from the progress:
fighting the war with the front wheel. I won eventually.

diontube and elbows freshly painted and ready to be remounted

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hi there,
great progress, but a question!
Why did you fill in the chrome strip trim HOLES, your car has the chrome side strips all round on both sides, are you going to fit a rear wing without the trim strips?
Might look a bit funny on a sunny day?


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off course the work continues:

door inplace:

rearquarterpanel in place:

slowly it is coming together! Still waiting on my brakes. Mark Gray got mine more than two weeks ago but still no sign of the new resleeved ones.... Is it normal that it takes that long?

I a also trying to restore the bootlid badge. It had faded and I already bought a new insert for it but the colours look slightly off.... No problem but I would really like to try the restore the origanl one. Does anybody know the colour codes of the colours used in the badge??



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Your badge colour looks pretty good. Its difficult to remember what the original is like. When the emblem on the replacement I ordered had a different Viking ship to the original (mine is like yours) I restored the original using nail polish, the shade seemed right at the time.

You are doing a great job. Enjoy the result.


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thanks for the responeses! I have never seen the one with the waves where did that came from?

today I installed the brakes:


I like thes rims better!!

unfortunately the engine didn't start today.... Battery is weak it ran for 1 second but died immediately. It only started after I turned the key to the off position....

to be continued!!
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