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Hey All,

A year ago I started a company with my wife called Additive Restoration. We reverse engineer and fabricate parts for exotic classic cars. I've been able to start low volume 3D printed part production for our cars. First off is a pretty simple part that has been unavailable for a long while. The series I seatbelt hooks. The parts are made in a printed nylon, currently available in white at $15 for a pair but we will be experimenting with a light grey at $30 a pair. PM me if you're interested.

Next Rover offerings will be the 3 rain deflectors for inside the NADA 3500S hood scoops.

Also check out our website at: Additive Restoration

And our Facebook page here: Additive Restoration - where technology meets artisan car parts


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I'll take a rain deflector for the long middle scoop, if it won't cost the Earth!
Hi Mr Task!

Middle rain deflector is $35 plus postage. How does that sound? It'll be printed in black nylon. The material is strong, takes heat and vibration well and should outlast the original part.

Let me know if that works for you.




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Hi Steven
Nice price, most certainly works for me!
Feel free to send me a private message with your bank details, and include a price for postage to Berlin, Germany.