A P6 for a reasonable sum please...

Hello to you all.

I have had a couple of P6's (KMH 909K 2000TC in Almond and JPM 458N 3500 auto' in Tobacco Leaf) and I want another one...!

I am always on the lookout for a bargain and I still find the P6 to be amongst the most reasonably valued classic car there is... What can you get that is better for the money?!

however, of late, I have struggled to find something that is in my meagre price range of between £2500 to £3500 that is worth buying to use straight away. I'm not expecting something immaculate for that money but I seem to be struggling to find anything in that region at all that is ready to go... I know something in that league will need cosmetics and that is fine, I just wish I could find something.

Where have all the lower-priced P6's gone? Are you hiding them all?!

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it hugely...
There's plenty of sub £1000 restoration projects and a fair few decent V8 cars for 5-6k plus but your price range is a bit of a no mans land where you could be very lucky or you could also end up with a money pit.
If you're happy to to have one, a series 2 2000 sc or 2200 sc auto is probably your best bet for a useable reliable car. You're more likely to find a solid, dependable car at that price range than you would with a v8.
Hi, I am thinking of selling my P6. It is in members projects under 1972 P6 2000. If you are interested send me a private message and I will give you my email and telephone number etc. I won't bore you with details but it is a rot free car with extensive history and in very good mechanical condition. I have all the MOT's from its first to last year. I get the impression you are looking for a V8 though.
It is worth mentioning that there are 2 complete sets of wheels, the standard and the chrome rostyles, both with all new tires. Although it needs nothing at the moment I also have an extensive amount of spares including recon rad, steering box and servo and lots more.
If it is the sort of thing you are looking for let me know, by the way I live in Sudbury, Suffolk near the Essex border/