74 P6 after sitting a long time

Got the old girl started after a couple of cranks and a bit of prep work. My wife and I were trying to work out how long it was sitting in her dads garage and it has to be close to 20 years.
He probably started it a few times in the early years but it never went on the road and in his later years before he past last year gathered a lot of dust.
Flushed the fuel tank and new fuel line from sender to two electric pumps and upto Carby's. The return line is an odd size not readily available at Supercheap or other so left that for another day. Drained flushed and refilled coolant and new oil and filter and removed spark plugs and a mist of oil down the hole. Oil pressure comes up good over 30 on gauge.
But fuel spilling from under front of car from Carby's. The fuel pumps have a three way toggle on centre console so turned off and on.
I have done a bit of research and seems it is a common problem but something that is not very safe in my opinion.
I have since checked the return line and the restriction oriface at the tank tee was blocked and I had to use some very fine copper strand from some flex cord less than 1mm blew out line back to tank near union and retried but still overflowing. So next will be checking floats and pump pressure.
ps. Flushed the the brake fluid, did Rover find the youngest pimply faced Engineer to design the back brakes?


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It all gets very tight under the rear. When I had my rear calipers rebuild (after hibernation) the mechanic dropped the whole diff to do it. Still connected to the drive shafts, but dropped. At that moment I knew I'd made the right choice not to do it myself - I wouldn't have thought of that lol.


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Be ready for all sorts of strange failures as you ask parts to do things they havent been doing for a VERY long time. Get some Deoxit (pen style) and apply every time you disturb a wiring connection; undo, clean, Deoxit , replace any earth connections you come across. Spin in place or remove and clean the fuses, checking they are the correct length - 32mm(1.25"), not metric 30mm. Check the fuse body for heat distortion - visit the 'infamous S2 fuse box' thread for others experiences. Check all water hoses for cracks.
I have some canned smoke. (for testing smoke detectors) I had an old Ducati with six volt Italian electric as a youth and mates with VW's and have heard about UK electrics. So far all the electrics bar one headlight working. Not bad. I tested the full pump today and was bang on 6 PSI and SU recommend 3 from what I have read here. I thought I was being smart and left the old fuel filter in to catch all the crap left over in the old fuel and put a new one in when i fill the tank but decide to fit a new one today and almost immediately the carby overflows stopped spewing fuel. Ran in and out of the shed a few times and the brakes have stopped binding and auto seems to be working a bit better. I will get some 98 RON and some lead saver and fill it up for more running.