'72 P6 custom

Cheers guys, yeah I havent seen those pics of it before, that was the previous owner (the guy that built it) as he was from yarmouth way.

Had a few issues with it the past couple of months but seems to be pretty much sorted now, apart from the passenger side front tyre rubs the arch when I have a passenger if I go round a right hand corner. So possibly need the arches rolled. Its only when I have passengers in the car so I might invest in some new shocks too. Not sure about lowering the front though as it dosnt look as easy as just cutting a coil out of the springs and it might make the rubbing worse.

For now, Im keeping the exhaust as it is, mainly as I want to concentrate on using it over the summer months rather than working on it!

Should be taking it to the Hot Rod & Custom Car show at Peterborough (same place as the Modified Nationals, but the hot rod bit is kept separate) at the end of May.

Need to do abit of an updated photoshoot with it too at some point!
The road where my father was working when I started there with him temporarily, after I left school. Then he & another employee took over that arch & ran their own business. My brother started off with them but moved to another business further down where he received most of his training after which he started his own workshop in a double arch back up the road. My P5B was rebuilt in there over two years & various other classics of ours had life breathed back into them in various arches over the years. Then round the other side of the railway line for some years in the old scaffold yard, thence a few hundred yards down the High Road before finally finishing in this arch back in the row where it first started all those years ago. Here endeth our association with Midland Road, not long after Bruiser was finished.

Though we still get tyres fitted up the top.