4Cyl clutch cover/pressure plate


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I replaced my clutch on my P6 but it appears that there are 2 diff covers,one is just the “fingers” the other has a circular plate where the release bearing contacts.
The one I removed has the circular plate and I replaced it with the other style,but now I can’t get the clutch to release,unfortunately I don’t have the one I removed any more,so Im in a bit of a pickle.
Im assuming that there is an early and late cover.
The engine and G box aren’t original to the car
Any ideas?


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You need to either: Change the pressure plate to the one with the pad in the middle, or change the release bearing sleeve to the later type that will match the pressure plate that you have fitted, which doesn't have the pad in the middle.
It will be easier to find the correct cover than find & install the sleeve. I'm in BC, I might be able to help out with a NOS cover. PM me



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The release bearing sleeve and housing are taller on the early (no disc) style clutches. There is a spec to reduce the height of the release mechanism housing I believe. I wonder if it’s possible to add a spacer behind the flange of the sleeve? That would give you a closer starting point. @harveyp6 are there other changes that would need to be considered?

@chrisw Not all of us are in the UK with easy access to parts and on hand advice. This place is where go to get it, play nice dude.
The first cover style has the thrust plate. There are two versions of that cover with different means of retaining the thrust plate, which is what the service newsletter is about. The last style of cover is the one with just the spring fingers.

Specifically, SCs up to engine 40058904H or 40100083H and TCs up to engine 41512551B or 41603745B take the earliest cover. The final style of cover is fitted on SC engine suffix J onwards and the TCs from engine suffix D onwards. Everything in between uses the second style of thrust plate cover.



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Lots of changes, especially in the first few years of production. This is why you can't just swap parts over, without swapping every part in the chain.

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