40 year mystery to be solved


I know this is a bit off piste but I'm hoping someone of a similar generation to me will help me out with solving this car identity mystery.

In a photo taken of my father and I in 76 (Cornwall), the front end of a red car is lurking at the side of the photo.

For over 40 years now, every time I glance at the photo, I'm remined that I cannot confirm what the car is.

I’m expecting it to be Japanese, given the wing mounted side light and the hub cap. (eg Datsun 120 or Honda Civic), but like in the photo below, the side lights are usually mounted higher on the wing.

I used to hope it was a Bristol (412) given the spot lamps mounted at grill level.

Here’s hoping someone will recognise the model.




It looks very Datsun 1200ish to me. Or Nissan? Like you say, the indicator positioning is hard to find exactly... Datsun 1200.jpg Nissan.jpg
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The prompt replies are appreciated.
I used to hope it was a Bristol but the blue Nissan in Oldskoolrob's post looks like a close photofit. I might have to settle with a Japanese car
By Jove! - that could be it (the wing indicator is spot on, but the bumper ( over irons) are a little different but certainly close.
The plot thickens - appreciated
It's close for sure but I'm unconvinced we've found it yet. Bumpers are wrong and the indicator on the one above appears to be possibly aftermarket compared to others (not to say the OP didn't have aftermarket bumpers/indicators though) but the thing that gets me is the rake on the front fenders appears to aggressive on the fiat compared to the OP. Certainly a front runner though!! My gut still says Datsun/Nissan though. Strong Jap flavour. Maybe ask the guys on the Retro Rides forum?
Thank guys - smart money is now on the Datsun (I won't be able to inform the owner I have their car captured on film).
Its totally academic given real world events but its been a niggler for many years.

Much appreciated again.
It's a pity that the photo isn't clearer but another vote for a Datsun 160/180B. The indicator/reflector on the wing is higher on a 120Y than the one on the car in the picture, so I don't think it's one of those.

Eta, just seen the picture above (wasn't there when I started reply), seems convincing.


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Looking very closely, the indicator looks rectangularish, but the top looks wider than the bottom, there also looks to be only two main headlights, so It may be a variant of the 180, but I have not seen a 100% match yet.