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4.6 gets the green light !

Discussion in 'Members Projects' started by cobraboy, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. cobraboy

    cobraboy Active Member

    Yes guys it is a great feeling.
    Having given up on any hope of lowering the jets to enrich the mixture for starting due to the fact that the jets are sticking and will not return I am now working on injecting fuel into the carb venturi's.
    I reasoned that the stubs on the tops of the carbs that the Automatic Enrichment Device was connected to when fitted could be used to inject fuel in a similar manner to an accelerator pump on a 4bbl carb.
    So have made some jets to fit in the stubs and am taking a switchable fuel supply via a solenoid valve from the fuel to tank return pipe.
    It is all plumbed in, I just need to wire the solenoid via a momentary switch.
  2. unstable load

    unstable load Well-Known Member

    It took a bit of work, I won't lie to you, but it was his race car for the Classics class and it underwent a few iterations from original.
    He started off with an Alfa transaxle in the back, minus the clutch which he kept up front with a fabricated housing and that worked well but
    didn't last. It then got a ''normal'' Alfa box out of a Berlina up front with the original diff and he soon unscrewed the pinion shafts in the diff.
    Then, he fabricated the cradle and fitted the BMW diff, and it was doing well until he ran out of money and quit racing.

    His engines also underwent some interesting changes, starting with a modified GM 3.9 V6 distributor that he made his own 8 cylinder reluctor
    ring for and a fabricated swan neck inlet with 4 Weber DCOE 40 carbs and his own design exhaust manifold that was a 4-2-1 either side, all the way
    through to a Leyland P76 engine with a modified Mercedes flapper injection. He couldn't fit the GEMS because it was not period equipment, but
    the Mercs had the Bosch installed so he was allowed to use that instead.

    He used to run the Apprentice machinist school for Atlantis Diesel Engines and his Boss was quite happy for him to do whatever he wanted to, as
    long as the Appys got trained and if it was a private job, that he supplied his own materials, so it was a win-win for him with plenty of labour and
    a full machine shop.
    It was his Appys that measured out the adapter plate to convert my auto bellhousing to the LT77 and who cut the slave cylinder hole in the side
    and fabricated the slave bracket.
  3. cobraboy

    cobraboy Active Member

    Anyway, I rigged up the electrical side of the cold start system today and bearing in mind the car will not start without choke a one second burst on the solenoid and the engine fired right up.
    It is a learning curve at the moment as to how much fuel to add, as when a little warmed and idling applying a short burst kills the engine so I think a smaller jet size will give me a little more control, but regardless I am chuffed that it worked, and worked well :)
  4. unstable load

    unstable load Well-Known Member

    One step at a time, it's coming right for you. That is progress you can be happy with, mate.

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