37 years in a Barn

Very much liking the tent you have setup to work under, I could do with one of those!

I fitted Goodridge aluminium fuel lines on mine with the appropriate AN fittings and short rubber jump hoses at each end. It was a bit of a bugger to form around the various bends though...


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At one point my car developed the habit of mysteriously coming to an abrupt halt after about a mile. It happened a few times, and always at the exact same place, smack bang in the middle of a busy intersection waiting to make a turn! There ensued much honking of horns while I shoved the car to the road side, then after about a half hour of head scratching it would start again and work fine for a day or two! It turned out to be a problem with a dicky cut-out switch for the electric fuel pump at the oil pressure sender, which the previous owner had fitted. It went straight in the bin when I found it!
I know the SDI V8 used an oil pressure switch for the fuel pump, but unreliable hence going with an inert switch suggestion. The tent is on 200mm diameter castors wheels so it rolls around to where I need it and its 6 x 3 meters in size. The tarp deliberately does not go down to the floor so as to keep fresh air blowing through.
Engine is out, (nice little project in the garage for when the nights start drawing in). Jet washed engine bay (done after the pic below was taken) no rust holes but lots of surface rust and scaling.
Tomorrow, making metal shelf with vice mounted it, on the side of a tool box/chest, need it for the fabricating, then start striping front wheels to assess the brake cylinders, discs and bearing, i.e. replace or just refurb (££££). Still waiting for the sheet metal and some other consumables. Just think, I could have been on holiday!! but cancelled due to Covid!

Short day today, to hot (its either raining or to hot!) Made bolt on, small table for the side of my tool box for a vice, good old 50mm square box section, (I seem to use it for everything), then started using the vice straight away with the paint mostly dry, stripping 1st front brake cylinder, Good result, I just needs new guts for it including the pistons, all seem available, other side off tomorrow and onto the back, still waiting for metal!

Talk about a strip-down! I use a tachometric relay for my fuel pump, same as they use in LPG systems. When you hit the key it will prime for a few seconds then stop, which is handy as the car often sits unused for weeks at a time. I takes current from the alt, so if the engine stops, the fuel pump stops.
11th day of working on Rover: Back axle off (one heavy lump) Started striping underseal off on the rear end, finding lots of places where the paint under the underseal is lifting of the metal, ready to start rotting. Still waiting for metal!! Back to work now so Sat & Sundays on the car only for a month, will still strip diff and brakes in the evening at my home garage (much nicer, clean, music Tea).

Finally start going forward with the car, instead of de-constructive work. Started the welding stage, Picked the hardest bit of welding to do with just a void to build up. but only got the one corner done over the weekend. first bit of car welding I have done for 20 years or so, so not the best but good enough.


Rear bushes extracted, spent evenings making dolly's from silver steel to push the bushes out, reused a ram and large ball joint breaker box. The ram only has 20mm travel so a bit faffy and lots of reshiming. waiting for new bushes as well as discs etc etc, once new ones are fitted, i have a set of dolly's hardened and tempered spare.

Progress is good over bank holiday weekend. welding is 75% done with all the large complicated fabrications done, just small patch repairs to do. bushes turned up today so fitted them in today as well, just need wax oil and new grommets to protect inside the hollow items. Rear diff stripped and re assembled with 90% of attached items done. oil on outside of diff in pic is "don't tip diff up onto its back with new oil in it as it comes out of the breather!!!!" .
Hope to have diff done during week so i can shift it to the car to free up garage space so I can do drive and prop shafts. Going to do the underside of the car in Grey stone chip, just to be different.



Still progressing, just not much to post as just welding and removing old stone chip that seems to do a good job at holding moisture between itself and the metal. Sorted a new jack, Land Rover 4 foot type, but had to turn down a bit the spigot down in a 4 jaw to fit the rovers jacking point. Now that the jacking points are sound(er) I can start using them.
Didn't do much this weekend though due to nasty injury to finger, with all the welding, grinding and percussive maintenance (hitting things with hammer until they work) I cut my finger on a potato peeler! irony!

Looks like a new boot lid is going to be required, the spare wheel kit appears to have fitted without a gaskets so the ally has reacted with the steel over the years