3500 with Jensen Wheels


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Wheels look absolutely great on an S2. Either these or the early SD1 type staying with 14" tyres. I don't think the S1 like mine works with alloys sadly. Lovely engine bay.
Nice combo with the Jensen wheels, they look fantastic, may I ask what wheel nuts you used and how well they located in the holes, and would appreciate any size of holes and sleeve diameter you can give as well, or were the nuts on the Jensen same thread as the p6??
Also did you have to do any changes to the grease cap on the front hubs?


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Another thing people often forget is how fantastic Tobacco brown looks polished up in the sun. Often seen as one of the more unfashionable 70s colours.

Interesting how brown has made a bit of a comeback on new cars too.
Thanks westOz74P6B, the wheel nuts are the same Jensen wheel nuts used on the Jensen Interceptor alloy wheel. The thread is the same.
jensen nut_zpswvlrh5g3.jpg


The wheels went straight on onto my Series 2 and I only had to jack out the drivers side rear wheel arch to accommodate the wheel with 195/65/15 tyres.
I did not need to do anything to the grease caps. The great thing is you can just put your steel rims back on when you want, eg in winter as I will be. I am very pleased with these wheels indeed. :D :D :D

PeterZRH your right. :D Tobacco Leaf (IMO) looks even better now amongst the modern car colours and I have also thought to myself that some of the new Brown car colours would look good on the Rover P6.
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thanks jamjar for that detailed info, the 19mm shank diameter must be a good fit (with a bit of clearance no doubt) to locate the wheels concentric on the PCD then?? are they a separate washer or all one piece and do you know if the wheel nuts are available from a vendor?? I'd have to measure that the 31mm washer OD will suit the rover alloys that I have if these nuts are available to purchase.
thanks again,

I read somewhere that because of the offset, you had to use underside tires to get the Jensen wheels to fit but these look spot on!

Does this more or less match stock rolling diameter?