2200TC shells.

Hello, the strip down is cracking on with the 2200. Today we took the crank out and it has become apparent that I need new main bearing and big end shells. These need to be standard ones. Without breaking the fast dwindling budget I have for this rebuild, where can I get hold of these items? Any help gratefully received, thanks Steve.
ROVER 2000, 2200 BEARING SET | eBay
Double check the part numbers though, There was a change in the main bearings. Early ones will not work in late cars. The above may be rod bearings. I do not have access to my spreadsheet with part numbers on it right now to work out.

Wadhams has standard bearings, Wins might have them as well, but may be pricey!
Hi, ok thanks. Can you tell from my engine n.o. The age of my motor?
It's, 49105939A.
The engine is going into my old Land Rover so I have never seen the car it came out of.


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The part number 501300 does not correspond into any of the part numbers for crank bearings (main or big ends) in my 1973 parts book. So probably these are early ones.
Your engine, being a 2200 is definitely a late one. The distinguish between early and late Rover 4 cyls is refering to the 2 litre version, and the change over was around 1965 if i remember correctly.
501300 is not a good number. The bearing change happened early on, so any 2200 engine uses the later bearings. I'd be hesitant buying that eBay set without some kind of positive ID as suitable. As well, it appears to be a rod set.

I agree with Vern and Demetris. I have the vanderwell numbers as vp91116 for rod bearings, and etc 1716 for mains.

I have a set of std rod bearings vp 91116 vandervell. I also have a set of mains, glacier m5211 Sa. PM if you are interested. I also have tappet shims if you need some.
Hi again, I have some big end bearings arriving any time now but still looking for a set of mains. Is VP967 the right part no fir the mains in a 2200TC? They are Vandervell bearings.
Cheers Steve.