2200tc on ebay


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Indeed, ask yourself why he wouldn't test it............Probably because he doesn't want to go to the expense of replacing those illegal numberplates, he'll leave that for the buyer, after all, a Rover expert told him it was worth much more than he's asking. No trader ever sells any car for less than the maximum they can get for it.
I'm with you Harvey. The plates are too late for blk/slv, and the whole advert stinks of desperation, hopefully no one get's caught out with this one, I have a vision of a sheepskin coat and trilby perched at a jaunty angle greeting whoever goes to look at this car. "they all do that sir"
That is a little odd, a new MOT is a must for any car being sold that is supposed to be in good condition. Even if it's not true in this case anyone looking at the add will think, "no new MOT, bet it can't pass one".


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The plates may be permissible under certain circumstances.

The rules apply to vehicles "manufactured" after 1973. As the advert says registered 1st Jan 1974 this would appear to be legal. also the advert states 1971 model so may have be out of the country or on the Isle of Man etc and re-imported then UK registered in 1974 before they did age related plates. The STD in 1974 was a Bolton Lancashire area code.

Of course the owner may have just wanted black and silver plates.

And I doubt you ever get pulled up for them. The plates some people get away with are all but unreadable. There probably aren't many policemen who would bother even if they actually knew the car was a bit late for them.
Wouldn't pay a grand without an MoT though. Even if the bloke in the pub said it was underpriced. :LOL: