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2200 side plates.

Discussion in 'Engine 4 cylinder' started by Vidal, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Vidal

    Vidal New Member

    Hi, after putting a screwdriver through one of my side plates while trying to scrape off the rust on the inside, I need to replace both. Has anyone had any experience with reproduction ones? Wadhams have a repro one at less than half the price of a genuine one. I am on a proper budget rebuilding the engine but need it to as good as I can get it without false economies.
    Does anyone know of anywhere cheaper to get these?
    Thanks Steve.
  2. arthuy

    arthuy Well-Known Member

    which side do you need?
  3. Vidal

    Vidal New Member

    Hi, need both sides. I put a hole in one so the other can't be far behind. May as well do both now as the motor is on a stand getting stripped down.
    Cheers Steve.
  4. chrisw

    chrisw Well-Known Member

    I've used Wins items on a couple of engines now, and will use them on the next couple of engines that I have to rebuild.
  5. Vidal

    Vidal New Member

    Ok thanks.
  6. Vidal

    Vidal New Member

    Just had an email from Wins and they have sold out of both sides!
  7. quattro

    quattro Well-Known Member

  8. Penguin

    Penguin New Member

    we have some at work, used for sure, might have some new ones, will check
  9. Vidal

    Vidal New Member

    Hi that would be great, thanks.
  10. Penguin

    Penguin New Member

    it seams like almost everyone else we have left but not right!
  11. Vidal

    Vidal New Member

    Just bit the bullet and bought two genuine plates with gaskets from eBay.

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