2200 SC Tyres

What is the correct size tyre to get for my 1975 P6 auto 2200 SC, standard steel 14 inch wheels, but have a variety of sections, handbook just says SR 14's ? If original size not readily avalable what would be the best alternative ? Heard somewhere that musn't get van tyres due their hard walls. No panic as car off the road until it gets warmer.


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Original Rover publication (dated 10/1974) lists either 165 SR x 14 or 165 HR x 14 . S or H= Speed rating and R= radial ,which would have had an aspect ratio of 82% at the time . it was then later standardised at 80%. . So modern description it would be 165/80R14 with an S or H speed rating. Agree Van tyres are too stiff. Load ratings had yet to appear. Original size still available ranging from cheap Chinese at just over £50 each to Michelins at near £200 each
Owners tend to fit slightly wider tyres now,
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I put 185/80 14s on mine and they look just fine. Ask to see the tyres beforehand though, the ones I'd reserved online look really skinny in the flesh and the fitter and I (at National Tyres) both agreed that they wouldn't be suitable so we went for an intermediate version which cost about £55 each.

I assume you are doing all four, otherwise you'll need to put on what you have already size-wise.