2200 SC Front Brakes

Bit confused over what front brake pipes to get for my P6 Auto SC 2200 1975. I had thought they were the same for all later P6's but trawling eBay has cast a few doubts. Metric brakes maybe an issue if it has them?


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IIRC if you look in the WM it shows you the differences between the Imperial and Met*** fittings and how to identify them. Then you'll at least know what you've got.
Thanks for quick reply, unfortunately don't have a Workshop Manual only Haynes. Wadhams seem to just have the one sort at a good price. When it stop raining will take a photo
Not sure if this thought is correct but for some reason I always thought that the front brake callipers with the small diameter guide pin for the brake pads were metric fine threads and the larger (standard) diameter pins are imperial UNF threads. Either should not be a problem, the pipe size is the same it is only the fitting threads that changed. I have always made my own replacement brake pipes and find that all fittings are readily available.