2200 - is this an interference engine?

Does anyone know the answer to this? I know the V8 is an interference engine but is the 4 cyl? Basically, if the timing chain broke, do valves and pistons collide? Or is it a non interference engine where these components never occupy the same space?
Yes it is. The combustion chamber is in the piston and the cylinder head is flat, so the valves protrude into the cylinder when open. That's why you have to install the camshaft and timing chain with the pistons in mid-stroke.
Ok thanks for that. So a broken timing chain means serious work then. I only ask as I was looking at buying a 2.2 with broken chain, and it supposedly has no other damage, just needs a new chain. It sounds very unlikely for an interference engine.


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I had a 2200 SC auto in for overheating once, and cured a few hoseclip leaks and fitted a new rad cap, then took it for a blast up the motorway (at legal speeds) to test it for about 10 miles, and on a hill on the way back it lost all power and sounded like a tractor with no exhaust, only jusy managing to drag itself back to the workshop. Back there it was still running but with a very noisy bottom chain which I surmised was because the bottom tensioner had exploded/fallen off. I couldn't do anything without turning the engine off, which I knew was going to cause all the valves to hit the pistons, which it did....

It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good though, 'cos I sold the customer a V8 auto I had on the fleet at the time...