2200 Auto to 5speed manual conversion

A buddy of mine who is into cars has come into a 2200 Auto that is in fairly tidy condition. Being an auto 4 cylinder the performance is somewhat lethargic and he is thinking about converting it to a manual. This guy usually is up for a challenge, and I casually commented “4 speed or 5 speed ?” His response was “5 speed” !!
Has anyone here ever tried to do this? I know that some of the V8 5speed conversions retained the 4speed bellhousing and used a spacer/adapter to mount the LT77 gearbox.
Anybody here got any thoughts on this??


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I happen to like the 4-pot Auto's, but that's my personal preference.

Why not convert the SC to a TC - give it a bit more pep

As for gearboxes; there are far better modern boxes that the LT77, and the extra width on the auto tunnel gives you the ability to play around a bit.
Well, i think his plan, is to convert to a manual box and then upgrade to a TC engine and interior spec. I don't doubt that there are better gearboxes than the LT77 but the LT77 is the most obvious choice.


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I happen to like the 4-pot Auto's too, I had one for several years, yes any serious hill will be a "challenge" I was defeated by Reigate Hill many a time and the 2200s are a great section of the P6s for sure but changing autos to manuals and going from SC to TC , to me, is a huge mission, would be interested to hear of your progress, a brave plan I think
BTW on getting my V8 one of the first places I went was Reigate Hill just to roar up it, VICTORY!!
Both jobs should be pretty straightforward, auto to manual easier because of the larger tunnel. Harvey can give you the changes at the flywheel end of things.

I actually have an LT77 for my four-pot which is already adapted to fit as it was taken out of another one & hopefully the work to fit it will be commencing very soon.
I have some literature that came with it which l can send to you if you PM me an email address.
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