2016 National Rally


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2016 National Rally

The 2016 National Rally is to be held on 7 August 2016 from 09:30am at RAF Cosford, Shropshire. We are hoping that this will be one of the biggest turn-outs of Rover P6s in recent history, especially with the significant increase in membership that we have experienced over the last few years.

Entry will be just £5 per car - so bring the family and enjoy the fantastic RAF museum which has much to offer including:

Bi-planes of World War One

Hurricanes, spitfires, V1 and V2 rockets from World War Two

The Vulcan bomber from the cold war era

The Harrier "Jump Jet"

And much more!
If my rubbish ignition system works, I'll be going in my P6. If it dies again, I'll be going in my Golf. Either way, I intend to be going, especially as it isn't far from where I live.


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I really wanted to go, but I'm booked for a show in Hebden Bridge, and can't really pull out at this late stage. Hopefully it'll be a fantastic event!