2000TC San Diego

That is absolutely gorgeous! Is that April Yellow? The car looks brilliant in NADA trim with those slim side strips, and those wires which you've fitted really suit the colour. Do show us more photos!


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April Yellow. Note the Morris Minor also in the Rover "section" although unsurprisingly there was some room for us both. Actually the wire wheels are, come to think of it, somewhat of a life achievement. When I was first looking forward to buying my first car which turned out to be a 2200TC, there was a mag article on a 2000TC knocking around in 1992 or so with the perfect combo of wire wheels, zircon blue, black interior. Naturally I assumed I would never be able to afford them!! The car has around 30,000 miles of which 20,000 were in 1970. I don't drive it much but i have slowly sparkled things up. It is pretty much original except they resprayed it 20yrs or so - looks like last week. I got it from BC Canada when its original owner died. I am going to keep it original looking. I put Magstar wheels on it but that was ridiculous so I took them off and then came across the wires. Just cleaned and sprayed them with Eastwood silver paint. I will post a pic of my NADA/Federal/Whatever 3500 that I am supposed to actually drive; before that I had a 1966 mustang and that was a comedy bouncy tractor that I traded for the p6B which is a modern car in comparison (although I think technically older).


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That is a truly lovely Rover. It would be a hard choice between wanting to drive it all the time so as to really enjoy it, and then wanting to keep it exactly as it is so that it doesn't age and always looks like new.

That colour is incredibly rare in the UK and with the thin waist trims really sets the P6 off beautifully. It helps more than a tad that yours is in such beautiful condition. The interior looks better than new!



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Wow, that has really caught my eye! I love the colour. I think wire wheels suit a Series 1, but don't look as sharp on a Series 2. Funny that. There's not much between them. The interior looks to be in superb nick. Congratulations.


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Maybe the chunky door handles that would explain your observation. The thin side strips are nice, and the colour is growing on me. I would gravitate to the simple red / blues if I get to choose. And for my 3500 that I resprayed (well, not me personally, not in California anyway) I went for a completely unsubtle and quite loud red, so just the opposite of this car. The interior had just been given a spray of the magic trim revive juice, that's why it is so shiny!