2000 tc Heater Blower no hot air


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So it looks like you do not have coolant flow through the heater. Perhaps look at post #18 and try that. You need both flow and return to the heater to be hot.
I had a cold heater on my Lotus, pipes were cold. Turned out the stub for the flow hose on the cyl head was blocked. When I took the hose off it was solid, I ran a drill bit into it and it has stayed fine since. It takes a bit of detective work to figure out where the blockage is if you have cold hoses.
You could take off the rad cap. One at a time disconnect the hoses at the heater and blow hard down each, the coolant should bubble at the rad cap neck. This will tell you each hose is clear back to the rad. If so then flushing the matrix is next.
You may find after post #18 it works and it was just low coolant level. I had a cool heater the other week, I did the post #18 trick and hey presto hot air again.
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Right, Tried getting the front of the car higher by putting the front end up on my ramps and topping up the radiator with the engine running high revs but wouldn't have any of that so replaced the cap as I was slowly losing coolant. There is coolant coming out the overflow pipe now when hot so will now get a new cap. This cap has 7psi on it, is that correct. I'm going to drain the system and disconnect the heater unit and see if I have a flow through the heater unit and what colour the coolant is.
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If you didn't leave an air gap under the cap it will push coolant out through the overflow as there isn't any room for the coolant to expand as it gets hot.

If you have flow into and out of the heater rad, that doesn't mean thet the matrix is clear.


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You can bleed the matrix by loosening the hose clip on the top hose going into the heater matrix with the engine running and the radiator cap on, once you see a solid stream of coolant coming out the joint, tighten the clip agai. be careful as there will be hot coolant. Lett me know if that works for you.


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Well its not an air lock then if you got it full and it is now finding its own level.

I agree that he can have flow and no heat, but in an earlier post he said he had cold hoses, so I was working on the assumption that he had a blockage to sort.
But we all know assumptions are the ............. of all .... ups.
I've just ordered a new heater top and bottom hose along with a new radiator cap so will be waiting for those to arrive before proceeding with the heater problem. I noticed that the bottom hose was bound up with tape and the top hose was very stiff like it had been on there a while. So will give it a good go when I get at it.
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