2000 Auto Seattle USA


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I’d add that Pacific NW cats tend to be rust free and not exposed to the high temps of the SW. they normally make great prospects.


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Curious that it has the wrong trunk. I would be inclined to put a fake UK plate on there and relocate the indigenous plate, and there's been investment in the monster rear head rests. I just did that. If I had space I might be tempted, well actually I still am even though I don't. But sadly these are worth nothing over here. With the wheel trims it looks like it might be fast and unless you take anyone for a ride nobody would ever know the truth.......
Did you manage to get any sleep while you were there?
I see what you did there but l did, in fact l have an amusing sleep(less) story from there. I was deep in slumber when the hotel fire alarm suddenly howled us awake & completely sleep-stupid l started fumbling around for an alarm clock, which was my usual means of being so rudely awakened.
My friend still reminds me of the incident with a snort of derision.
Edit: lt was a false alarm.
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I think Amcdonald is surprised it is fitted with a wide European rear number plate plinth, rather than the narrower US plinth one might have expected on a LHD car for the US market?
Great colour, really suits these cars.


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And for that year it should have the (nicer, I think) R O V E R in small size above the license / number plate instead of the big bertha R O V E R on the bottom left of the boot. I think that the bigger letters can look wonky. I am also guilty of trunk misappropriation as my NADA has, incorrectly, the letters above the number plate..............