2000/2200 Clutch Adjustment

Could someone scan the relevant page of the 2000/2200 manual that deals with clutch adjustment and send it to me, please?

I've got a V8 that's been converted to a 5 speed manual using 4 cylinder parts and am having a bit of trouble getting the adjustment right. The pushrod is screwed into the pedal as far as it can be whilst still being able to get the lock nut on the end.

However, I could do with a few more millimetres of travel - does the 4 cyl clutch master cylinder have the same adjustable clevis jaw as the 3500? If not, I guess I'll have to get a custom pushrod made.


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The only thing that will be relevant in your installation is the pedal height, which is adjusted on the master cylinder pushrod. Set the brake pedal height to 6&7/8" between the bottom of the pedal and the floor, (having pulled the carpet back) and set the clutch to the same height. To get more travel you can wind the stop bolt on the floor further in. The 2000/2200 master doesn't have a clevis.

Which slave cylinder did you use, which release arm pushrod did you use? Also which release arm pivot?
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Thanks Harvey. I'll have another look at adjusting the pedals when I next get a chance.

The slave cylinder, release arm pushrod and pivot are all SD1 items as far as I'm aware (the car came converted).


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I have had problems in the past with an LT77 fitted to a 3500S where the SD1 centre plate and the 3500S pressure plate was used instead of the SD1 clutch complete and IIRC that was a similar problem.
Thinking about it today, I think the pedal height is the problem, as far as I know the SD1 clutch has been used complete. I haven't measured it yet, but looking at it, there isn't nearly 7 inches between the bottom of the pedal and the floor, it's probably closer to 6. There's that extra travel I need!

Thinking back to Sunday, though, in order to bring the pedal up, I think I need to screw the pushrod in further. Unfortunately, I don't have any more pushrod to screw in, it's already as far in as it will go whilst still being able to get the locknut on the end. The brake pedal is set to around the same height as the clutch, but that's got 5mm-ish of thread protruding past the face of the locknut. However, if the pushrod needs to be screwed out to raise the pedal, then all's well.

I'll have a bash at the weekend. Thanks for the assistance so far Harvey.
It took a while, but I had another look at the pedal, and the pedal height is definitely the problem. Allowing for the mat under the carpet, the pedal is about 10mm out, which is roughly the amount of pedal travel that appears to be missing. However, the problem I now have is that there isn't enough adjustment left on the pushrods to get the pedals into the correct position:
As the car has been converted from an auto, perhaps the pedal assembly has been put in a bit low. Would a V8 auto base unit have the mounting holes for the manual pedal assembly? I wonder if the simpler option might be a custom, lengthened, pushrod.

Any thoughts, or other assistance, would be welcomed.


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Hi, That clutch pedal has been cut and shut, so you cant rely on it being correct so you will have to do it again or get another pedal.

The 4 pot and the V8 are both the same as far as the pedal box mount area is concerned.



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Remove the carpet from under the pedal, then remove the stop bolt from the footwell, and refit it without the locknut to see if that gives you enough extra travel. If not all you can do is heat the pedal and bend it upwards until it's level with the brake pedal.
Thanks for the suggestions and info all! The clutch pedal has been cut and shut, if it hadn't I think the problem would be even worse. I do wonder if another brake pedal has been used and modified to make it fit, because the person who did the conversion couldn't find a clutch pedal, although I'd have thought they obtained a complete 4 cyl pedal box. Thing is, the brake pedal hasn't been touched and that's not right either, but there is a bit more adjustment left in that one. There is no stop bolt in the footwell, that I could find, but will have another look tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will be mostly be acting like a contortionist in a footwell... :D