1975 Mk1 Granada Coupe - My long lost car...

It's actually Arizona Gold (IIRC)..

I loved that car, and have been trying (unsuccessfully) to track it down. I sold her to a "MK1 Granada specialist" who was going to return it to concourse condition, but I suspect it ended up on a banger track somewhere. I sold it at a time when you virtually couldn't give them away. The fuel prices were just beginning to go up, and I had to commute 180 miles round trip each day, so sold it for a song after storing it over one winter in a damp garage. which I was about to lose. The MOT had run out, and the interior had gone mouldy with the damp. I was heartbroken, and this "specialist" filled me with hope, but its never been on the road since, according to the DVLA :cry:

Oh, and I was only 21 when I bought her... Try doing that nowadays and insuring it!
...and the rust; the 18mpg if driven lightly (by a 21yr old?!); the play in the steering; the inability to reverse up any sort of an incline (OK, the auto box was knackered); the headlining that unstuck itself and draped over your head at inopportune moments!

I'd still have it back though. :D


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Nice delicate shade of yellow at event city last year :)

I always wanted a fastback Mustang when I were a young'un, but then saw one of these and wanted one instead. I did manage to get a metallic blue saloon, but never got hold of a Coupe. :(

Wish list was Rover P6B, Mk1 Granada Coupe, FD VX 4/90 (coke bottle)

Lovely stuff :D