1972 P6 V8 - The Lush

It's been a while since I last updated this, purely because there hasn't been anything to report! Once back together the car performed faultlessly for the rest of the year, the only minor niggle is that the resprayed front wings don't quite match the rest of the car. Unfortunately the paint system it was painted with had been discontinued, so the painter had to match the colour by eye. It's very close, but noticeably different in some lights:
It's subtle, but it niggles me slightly at times. Still, I can live with it for the time being as a full respray is a long way off.

So to bring the story up to date, the car came out of the garage around April, a quick service and oil change at she was good to go. I haven't managed to use it as much as I'd like, other things keep getting in the way. Fortunately, a couple of weeks ago I got back from work early, the sun was shining and it seemed rude not to go out for a spin.

Some 60 miles later I passed home, my wife was back from work so we both went out for a bit more of a spin. Things were going great, then I hear a noise. What that? I think. First response - is it on the music? i turn the music down and can still hear it. It doesn't sound good. Fortunately we're just round the corner from my Mum's house, so limp round. A quick bit of investigation later and:


Still, fortunately it happened just round the corner from somewhere familiar and somewhere in town, as I'd not had any dinner at this point, so managed to get some fish and chips in whilst waiting for the recovery service to turn up. I'd have been really narked if it had failed in the middle of nowhere!

At this point I'm not sure what's wrong, it's definitely the gearbox and it either the input or layshaft as the horrible noise goes away when the clutch is depressed. Fortunately I happened to have a spare LT77 in adequate condition in the garage, and have managed to find someone who can put that in for me before Roverfest. Unfortunately I don't have the time to do it myself at the moment.

At least I can now pick it up on Monday and now have to give it a wash sometime next week before heading off to Warwickshire. Hope to meet some of you there!
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Hi Martin,

Nice to see you and the car back on the forum, I don’t use it much now but occasionally have browse. A pain in the butt with the gearbox but sounds like you’ve got it sorted.

Great to see it looking in superb condition! the paint match looks really good, I know the cellulose that I use to paint it some 5~6 years ago is real pain to prevent it from fading, I used to give a good going over with my mop using Autoglym resin polish then a once over with that colour magic in red. Seemed to work, like you it was always garaged and probably ‘over’ polished, I know I used to dread polishing the wheels as they took ages .

Will you be at the Thornfalcon show on the 20th August, I’m hoping to visit so be good to see the car and say hi quick. Unfortunately no new projects as still no garage oh and getting married September the 9th! Possibly next year I can look at another toy but need to build a garage first!

Anyway hope you have a good trip the Roverfest, cheers Damian.
Hi Damian, good to hear from you! The cellulose does seem to be holding up quite well, although the car does spend its time in the garage when not being used, which does help. I do give it a good polish then a couple of waxes a year, which seems to keep things looking nice. Congratulations on the wedding - I hope you have a great day, i still have fond memories of ours, which was a few years ago now.

Unfortunately we won't be at Thornfalcon this year due to prior commitments, but hope to see you at another show at some point in the future for a chat. Hopefully you may even have a garage and something to put it by then!
Hi Martin,

How's it going and how's the car ? have you done much more in the last year?. I now have new garage and driveway and even better have just acquired an SD1 V8 engine and LT77 5 spd box, complete with all the mountings ect. My lovely wife bowed down to my pressure (winging) about the lack of V8 in my life ;-). Plans are to put it in a 2 dr moggy minor so once funds permit I'll be on the look out for scrapper 2 dr but for now I'll just tinker with the engine, I may pop down to Thornfalcon this Sunday but still the ever DIY demands my attention :-$.
Cheers Damian, oh the wedding was a great day, our wedding car was a 1970 Plymouth Duster, my mate borrowed it, we left the church in the style of the a rolling burn out past all our guests !