1972 P6 Rover 2000 TC Alternator still required

Good evening people.
I posted a thread shortly before Christmas stating that I required the above. I had a reply from Kingrat100. I have tried to find this member today on CRF, but to no avail. I have left an updated post for him/her stating that I would still like the alternator he offered and have asked for the total cost including postage. I would be grateful if any other member could help me out with an alternator as I don't know if I am going to receive a reply from the aforesaid member.

I look forward to receiving your replies and many thanks in advance.

Kindest regards

Steve :)


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Just remember the above link is for a Left hand alternator, the 2000/2200 need a right hand one. Although they can be changed, that's not ideal with a new unit as it may cause problems with the warranty).
I'm sure that's the one I fitted though. Could the "left hand" be misleading when the adjuster is at the top? I.e. it's fitted upside down on the right side of the engine.


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With the alternator sitting with the twin and single lugs downwards, looking at the pulley, if the 2 mounting lugs are on the RHS and the adjuster lug on the LHS as you look at it, it's a RH alternator, and vice-versa.


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When Lucas were still in business making their own reconditioned alternators a lot were made as being able to fit RH or LH. The tapped hole for the adjuster was drilled out and a bolt fitted, then by rotating the casing it could be fitted either way.
Apologies for the confusion, I must have rotated the casing when I bought it. I've had another look and from Harvey's description above it is a RH alternator. So to save the (minor) fiddle, I suggest buying a Right Hand version of the one I linked to.
Thanks for the update, Willy. Will have a look tonight. I assumed that left hand meant on the lefthand side of the engine looking rear to front. Lol. Many thanks again for the link....Steve
That must have been my assumption too, hence why I ordered that version.
Rotating the casing just means releasing the 3 through-bolts , which is easy when it's shiny and new, but easier still if avoided by starting with the correct version. :)
It doesn't help with the fact that now The Minstrel is going to have to wait for the new alternator. Just had to pay out for a new steering rack for the wife's car! That's the problem with having an expensive hobby.....normal life and things get in the way of it. Lol. Thanks for all your help, Willy. :)